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Powerful submersible pumps secure tunneling

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New submersible Pump at Bauma 2016

Essen, 29thof February 2016
Just in time for Bauma 2016 Söndgerath Pumpen GmbH presents a novelty:
The SVX 750 a highly reliable and compact sludge-submersible pump complements the
product line.
With just 15 kilograms, it reaches a lif´ting height of nearly 12 meters and a capacity about 25 m³

The large sieve-aperture allows the extraction of solids up to 38 millimeters.
The pump can be delivered in 230 Volts AC - SVX 750 W(S) or in 400 Volts AC - SVX 750 D.
Both versions are designed for permanent bob-up and snore.
Motor thermal protection, combined with an external motor protection plug, provides maximum protection against engine damage.
While the wearing parts of the pump consist of polyurethane, the outer casing, the stator and the motor shaft of stainless steel are made.

At Bauma, the company will also present its new general brochure.
It has significantly expanded its warehouse and office capacities in the past year.
Therefore, it can now offer around 2,500 pumps and spare parts directly from stock.
This diversity made it in the last five years and one of the leading suppliers for tunneling pumps.

2015 Essen-based company celebrated its 40th anniversary.
It therefore uses the Bauma to celebrate this unusual event.
On the Messestzand four retro scooters will be raffled - for each decade of.
Entry forms are available from the company or at the booth.
But also on the homepage www.spt-pumpen.de participation is possible.

The Söndgerath pump exhibits at the Bauma in Hall A6 Stand 235

Andreas Söndgerath
M1 - Gewerbepark
Zur Schmiede 7
45141 Essen
Phone: 0201 - 766 906
Fax: 0201 - 761 587
Email: info@sptpumpen.de

For heavy-duty applications

Every day they stand in the dirt, resist mud and stones and even run around the clock - sometimes even for weeks at a time. Endless cubic metres of soiled water have passed through the pumps of Söndgerath Pumpen GmbH on building sites. The machines produced by the family run company from Essen, Germany, are designed and built for use under difficult conditions.

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Este flood barrage: a bulwark against Elbe flooding

Immediately upstream from the port of Hamburg, between Finkenwerder and the Elbe island of Schweinesand, the Este flows into the Elbe. The Este flood barrage was built at the confluence. It is equipped with barrage gates and a bascule and allows motorised traffic to easily cross the river. It primarily serves as flood defence, in particular to prevent flooding of the nearby industrial area.
In order to fulfil this requirement, the facility was equipped with four mitre gates. Each gate is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder which can exert a force of 1,800 kN and can be closed within 4.5 minutes if necessary.

The four identical mitre gates are not solid, but instead consist of several
chambers. The lower chambers are watertight and provide buoyancy. This relieves the bearings. The upper chambers have inlets and outlets for the river water, in order to allow pressure compensation when opening and closing.

Mud deposits in the wing walls cause problems
Sediments are stirred up by flushing works and the natural tidal range. This mud-water mixture penetrates through the chambers. It calms in the wing walls and then settles out. The deposited mud became so hard that it had to be removed, by muscle power or by using a diver (depending on the degree of siltation). This additional effort was necessary to avoid subsequent damage as a result of the extra weight of the deposited mud. In order to avoid further deposits, agitators were first installed to provide improved flushing. However, it was not possible to make a sustained improvement to the cause of the problem by this means.

Submersible pumps solved the problem
A number of options were considered to solve the siltation problem. Eventually, it was decided to install pipes with nozzles in the lower two chambers. With the aid of submersible drainage pumps, installed outside of the wing walls, the water is pumped from the Este and thus into the pipes, where a spray pressure of approximately 1.5 bar is applied to the nozzles.

Because sediment backflushing only makes sense when the water is draining, that is when the chambers have drained, pump controls were necessary. The barrage has a control room, where a programmable logic controller (PLC) is installed. This can also control pump functioning with the aid of water level sensors. Backflushing allows the gates to be operated without impairing their function.

It was possible to remove the previously installed agitators. Using the flushing system the chamber corners, in particular, could be kept free of sediment. Bottom deposits are also permanently avoided using this method. The facility has been running without problems since August 2012. The flushing line does not require servicing. Impairment due to the weather or frost need not be feared.

Söndgerath submersible pumps are built to meet the highest demands
The SPT pumps used in the Este barrage are four PXFlow 2-100.04 Channel1. They are designed to meet the highest demands. Operating and servicing were considerably simplified by numerous functions. All PXFlow models are equipped with two moisture sensors connected in series. An increase in moisture around the terminals, the interior of the motor or in the oil chamber is recognised early by the moisture monitors. The pumps are equipped with heat sensors to protect the motors against overheating. The pump casing is high quality cast iron. The casing's smooth internal surfaces minimise turbulence and thus allow higher hydraulic efficiency. The impellers (single channel) consist of hard wearing cast iron. They are dynamically balanced and produced to high tolerances to reduce undesirable vibrations.

The four PXFlow pumps employed here are equipped with high-efficiency motors
(EFF1). Rotor shaft and ball bearing allow for uniform, smooth and vibration-free running. This results in a considerably extended motor service life. The shaft seal consists of a double mechanical face seal. If necessary, the replaceable seal cartridge can be replaced on-site, without the use of special tools. The pumps used in the Este barrage are precisely coordinated with the medium to be pumped and the necessary performance. The high freight river water can be pumped without any problems.

In the past mud deposits in the barrage gate chambers caused the operator considerable problems, leading to cost-intensive mitigation works as a consequence. In order to maintain shipping in the required manner and at the same time guarantee sustainable flood protection, a perfectly operating barrage is needed. Problems caused by the deposits can be permanently eradicated using the SPT pumps.
If the units require servicing, fast and easy inspection is possible thanks to the self-guiding coupling system. This was not possible in this way in the past. A diver was generally required if servicing was needed. Not only is the task at hand completely resolved with the adopted solution, but the energy costs are also substantially reduced by optimal pump design. As a consequence, additional costs for diver deployment and manual mud removal are no longer an issue.


Key pump technology data

Designation: PXFlow 2-100.04 Channel1
Impeller: single channel
Rated power: 6 kW
Configuration option: wet configuration
Task: Pumping river water with sediment freight
Motor: Class EFF1
Shaft seal: 'Fast Seal' double mechanical face seal


PXFlow pumps have high efficiency motors and can easily pump river water with solid substances.

Söndgerath at IFAT 2012: Expanded SPX/R series

Just in time for the opening of the IFAT/Entsorga fair in Munich, Söndgerath Pumpen GmbH presents the new member of their SPX/R submersible drainage pump series.  The powerful SPX 1500R pump supplements its sister models in the series, the 400R and 750R. These models are especially well suited to pumping sandy stormwater, groundwater or soiled water, light muds and drilling emulsions. They are ideal multi-purpose pumps for a variety of applications in the house, garden and agriculture, civil and hydraulic engineering, the fire service and disaster control.

The SPX 1500R is designed as a close-coupled unit, meaning that the motor and the hydraulics unit are permanently connected to the drive shaft. The motor is cooled by the pumped medium. The motor casing and motor jacket are of cast aluminium, the impeller is metal-reinforced polyurethane. 

The submersible pumps have a motor output of 1.5 kilowatt. The W model operates with 230 V alternating current and the D version with 400 V three-phase. Overload protection in both pumps provides a dry running safeguard. In both models the maximum flow rate is 38 cubic metres per hour, at 18 metres delivery height it is still 16 cubic metres.

The carbide agitator upstream of the open impeller agitates solid substances and prevents any blockages in the hydraulic system. With a maximum grain size of seven millimetres, the proportion of solid substances may only be three percent. Safe continuous operation is possible from a water level of 234 millimetres and a media temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.  The powerful 1500R weighs only 19.3 kilogram and is therefore particularly suited to stationary or transportable building site applications. All SPX series models are designed to be so compact that the necessary shaft diameter is a mere 400 millimetres, even when using afloat.

A Storz C coupling, non-return valves, hoses, motor protection relay plugs, emergency generators and control units are available as optional accessories.

Söndgerath Pumpen GmbH

The Essen-based company has provided a wide range of pump series for use in construction, mining, industry, local authorities and agriculture since 1975. They comprise submersible and self-priming pumps, sludge and sewage pumps, mobile emergency pump units and double-acting piston pums. In addition to this, the company offers multifunctional rental pumps, noise protection casings for diesel-driven pump units and lightweight HPE quick coupler pipes.Die Söndgerath Pumpen GmbH is exhibiting in Hall A6, booth number 124.


Andreas Söndgerath
Söndgerath Pumpen GmbH
M1 – Gewerbepark  
Zur Schmiede 7
45141 Essen, Germany 

Phone: 0201 766 906
Fax: 0201 761 587
Email: sptpumpen@aol.com
SPX 1500R submersible pump

The new SPX 1500R submersible pump considerably expands the SPX series upwards and provides a flow rate of up to 38 cubic metres per hour, but weighs only 19.3 kilogram.

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